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Available in:
LAX, Long Beach and South Beach, Century City


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Vienna Dao

San Fran - March 13-16
Los Angeles - March 16-19
San Diego - March 19-22

Duos available with Lex Russo

Hello, my name is Vienna Dao, a luxury Canadian Vietnamese companion. I am in my mid-twenties with a bachelor’s degree and currently working a professional day time job in the corporate world. Consider me a globetrotter, trailblazer, mountaineer, foodie, dog lover, bookworm, and maybe a little tech nerd. My 6 1/2 size feet have been all over the world (25+ countries)!

If you lust for a companion with not only beauty and brain but has a bubbly personality and is quick-witted, I invite you to my bedroom!
You may ask, how did I end up here? Well, sexuality is definitely not binary, and with all of the fifty shades of what-ifs, the better question is, why not?! Ambitious to a fault, the governing forces in my life have always been creativity and drive. I firmly believe we are to live our lives with full control and ultimately indulge in the finer things in life. Belief in reincarnation or not, I was a geisha in my past life.

The exotic Vietnamese features such as my high cheekbones, oval anime-like eyes will turn heads. But what resides inside my soul is the nourishing Vietnamese characteristics of lust and sensuality. Driven by my culture, pleasing you is embedded in me. It is natural for me to be loving, genuine, compassionate and crave adventures between the sheets!

My aim is to provide a safe space where you can feel relaxed and able to express an honest, carefree version of yourself. With my petite and busty figure, smooth skin and pouty lips, I lust for deep conversations, flirty banter, and uncovering the most sensual part of our bodies. Being a courtesan is true and fine art, one that offers the perfect avenue to intimately connect with myself and those whom I find deemed worthy.

Upon our introduction, you may notice my sophisticated elegance. As we acquaint ourselves, you will see that I possess an interesting mix of intellect and sensuality. After we make a connection, it will be clear how truly open-minded I am. All of my sessions are as sensual as you allow it to be.

Come, take my hand…