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Massage Massage outcall, Dancers and models, BDSM, Asian

Available in:
Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley, LAX, Long Beach and South Beach, East L.A., Downtown L.A., Hollywood, Westlake

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100% Real & Natural beauty; My sparkling almond-shaped eyes are genuine. They light up the room when I am delighted! They are a pair of bedroom eyes well blended with a tinge of mischief, an intense dose of charm and mesmerizing glance.
Blessed by good genetics and aided by diligence and exercise, my body has a natural firmness. My solid frame is accented by a bountiful bottom which is quite rare for an Asian. Must I say: it is worthy of worship.

I am a sensual lady, possessing a charming blend of intellect and light quirkiness. I am a kind-heart, warm yet playful with a strong and uplifting spirit. A frisky lady with a quick sense of humor, I am at my core an affectionate and devoted companion.