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Santa Monica area and Beach Cities, San Fernando Valley and Glendale, Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, Malibu area, LAX, Long Beach and South Beach, Century City

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Camille D'amoureux


I come from the main Pacific Hawaiian Island, Oahu. I have my bachelor's degree in health sciences and I am planning on continuing my education in international business. I love learning new things that is why I am attracted to such a broad array of intelligent gentlemen. I feel altruism in my core, I am a spiritual empath and "do good" and see good in my relations, I am a cup full of sunshine as i’ve been told.

I believe in chemistry and the charge of electrons, the effect on orbitals and the natural balance needed in life. I find that an inspiration can cure the deepest desire. My sessions will connect you to pure divine feminine light and love. I also want to learn from your desires, this I seek by stimulating your energy and receiving feedback on a subtle level that calls for the right care in need.
My time is golden, I progressively work to clear you of any negativity during our session. I have practiced lomi lomi, swedish and therapeutic Prana massage for three years. Bachelor entertainment and erotic modeling occasionally fill my time. Aside from finding good books to indulge in, I roller skate, play tennis, basketball and golf since a I was a child.

You will just have to come get to know me... my unconditional care, love and affection.
I believe firmly in discretion, safety, respect of personal life privacy, and integrity of rapport.

My passion is to seek the opportunity to accompany you into a memorable time that your heart is set to replay many times again and again. Time only excels all matter of understanding your true pleasures in this natural beautiful life. “There is something to be said about taking your breath away…”

Aloha again, ...Respectfully
Camille D