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Massage Women for women, Tantra and CMT, Massage outcall, Massage incall

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Intoxicatingly erotic, passionately sensual, deeply satisfying time spent together.--- DC, FEB 2015

Welcome Seeker of Supreme Sensuality,

An experience with me is unlike any other, where you relinquish all control to me, your Guide towards deep Ravishment. I invite your most primal nature of masculinity to come forth. I love to sensualize every touch, movement and gesture, surely you will succomb to my powers of seduction. For those who can truly let go, euphoric surrender is your reward.

I have an extensive healing arts background, including massage training, and years of tantric study and pratice. My craft is my passion, and it translates into the love I pour into you. Intimacy, heart connection, and touch are highlights in every session. I leave you feeling deeply euphoric, relaxed, and renewed, your heart wide open to the possiblities. Those around you will truly wonder why you're smiling so big: )

You can choose from my session menu, but I have developed Dakini Domination for the true adenturer. For those who are truly ready to surrender and open in spirit and heart, and for those who want to push their body past usual ilmits, I focus primarily on pleasure tactics. I weave in the Tantric Energy of Kundalini or serpent-power, and BDSM tactics with erotic touch and massage to give you the mind-bending pleasure you've only dreamed about. I only go as far as you let me, and maintain sensitvity and communication throughout your experience.

It is my intention to tease, titillate and satisfy your desires and to make a genuine connection that will have an intense effect, far beyond our time together.

In Loving Rapture,

Ask for my 5 STAR REVIEWS!


**$50 off booking of 90 minutes of longer!


220/hr 320/90min 440/2 hr
Looking to let go? Uncoil in ecstasy as I guide you through an explosive inward journey of erotic elevation and sultry surrender. Soft, strong, fast, slow, but always close; a Goddess’s embrace soothes all. Bathe in the deep, gentle caress of my skillful touch as I trigger delicious inhalation, inviting you to breathe into the luscious landscape of my body as it traverses yours.


300/hr 400/90min 600/2hr
The LUX Tantra Session is an introductory journey into Conscious Eroticism. Melt in my sublime embrace of as I lead you through an intimate initiation of sensual spirituality, connecting through guided meditaiton and breath, intention, and energy. This is an interactive session where you are gently guided into an inward journey. Gently rocking to the flow of each other's movement, we will explore Shakti activation breath-work and meditations on pleasure to unite and excite. Become more fully awake in the present moment.

*LUX Tie and Tease *
300/hr, 450/90 min, 700/2hr
Curious about your submissive side? CLASSIC LUX with a twist, TIE & TEASE is torturous bliss at it’s finest! This submissive delight is a treat for the bold adrenaline junky. Surrender to the excitement of this kinky expedition, riding the wave of sensory deprivation and tactile play.
You will learn the delicate dance of tease and denial as I take you on an erotic roller coaster of restraint, body percussion and fetish.
This undeniably sexy session starts with you in a submissive position to train you in proper behavior with me as your Mistress. You will be tempted and titillated as I seduce you into your restraints. TIE &TEASE is pure, lip biting ecstasy.

350/hr 500/90min 700/2hr
This is the perfect chance to explore your desire to loose your control to a powerful woman, to feel the dynamic magnetism between our two bodies when you completely let go. Learn how to serve your Mistress, and you will be richly rewarded.

The culmination of all LUX sessions, Dakini Domination blends principles of the Lux Tantra, the Luxury of the Classic LUX massage and the tactile kink of the LUX Tie and Tease session! This is the ultimate way to build trust and abandon, to Awaken into breath, and to completely be immersed into the sensory world of pleasure and pain.

Dakini Domination is like Skydiving into a thrilling sensual experience; jump and let go!

DINNER DATE SESSION: Nourishment and Inquisitive Conversation followed by a 90 min session of your choice; $1,000

* No Full Service